Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rites of thy Degringolade - "The Universe In Three Parts" (2016) [Self-Released]

I saw Rites of thy Degringolade last night and still can't fucking believe it. Paulus was essentially handing out these demo tapes which were supposed to be for their Chicago and Oakland shows, but it looks like they ran out. It's only one song, but apparently there is a full album written with this new lineup (J. Wroth, NKLH, CW, and Paulus). I am so fucking stoked right now.



Monday, August 8, 2016

Cailleach - "Gloin Na Buidseachd" (2015) [Self-Released]

So this is one of those few situations where I've dipped into my big neofolk collection instead of sharing something metallic or punky. Cailleach makes really gorgeous folk music - somewhere between the bummed loner folk of Bob Desper and traditional Celtic reels - which is steeped in Celtic witchcraft lore. The mystery man behind the music has a great ear for melody and harmony, bordering on the familiar. In fact, drawing on that, the fact that I got this from Pale Horse Recordings, and the signature "B.H." in the insert leads me to believe this might be the work of Imynvokad's Beleseth (I'll rip some Imynvokad soon, that 7" he did on Pale Horse is a high point in American black metal). Speculation aside, this is great.

"These dark hymns were performed in the Hag's Garden in the presence of the Great Spirit Wermod and the Good Company of the Dead upon Samhaine, anno Lamiae 2012.

O brothers and Sisters of Arte: cast thy bones into the Cauldron, that the Veiled One shall raise up the New Flesh!"


Friday, July 29, 2016

Nekrodrone/Zygmythkaupt split (2015) [The Throat]

This is a great split. Minimal, primitive, despondent black metal from Nekrodrone - essentially in the same vein as the demo I shared in April - and weird, Belketre-y filth from Zygmythkaupt. I promised I'd rip this one, so I figured I'd make good on it.


oh, and I'm going away for a week, should pick up again then.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Reiziger/Alruin - "Hertovenarij" (2016) [Nebular Carcoma]

More Dutch greatness in the form of two long, sad pieces of atmospheric black metal perfection. Reiziger is N from Northward and Laster making big, epic, majestic, keyboard-laden black metal with absolutely hellish vocals. Alruin is more madness from the mind of The Throat's K (I own a lot of his tapes), this time plodding, distant, and desperate. Apparently this tape was a long time in the making and the final Alruin recording, which sucks. What a way to go, though.


Vreemdeling - "Demo I" (2015) [The Throat]

So I'm back and have a new setup, so things should sound a lot better and happen a lot more often. To celebrate, here's one of my favorite demos from the prolific man behind The Throat. Vreemdeling reminds me of Xasthur's earlier albums and hearkens back to Strid's "End of Life" demo. This is miserable black metal - soul-wrenching darkness and classic, isolated anger. Love the "spooky" cover, too.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Nekrodrone - "Nekrodrone" (2014) [Dungeon Tapes]

Supreme, no-fi black metal simplicity. There isn't much to it, but Nekrodrone is some downright evil black metal with especially inhuman vocals. This dude growls, shrieks, and roars like a cornered animal. Really reckless and intriguing performances. Like I said, nothing much to it, but still pretty cool. I have a few other tapes of his/theirs (not a ton of information about this band out there) which I might have to rip soon. Maybe their split with Zygmythkaupt?


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Aiqëhahirit / Zygmythkaupt split (2015) [The Throat]

Now that I've finally unpacked all my tapes in a way which is much more accessible than at my last place (say goodbye to the black metal tape box), I should hopefully start doing these more. One of you asked about my small The Throat collection, so here is a really nice one from last year. Zygmythkaupt is generally pretty harsh and unlistenable on solo releases, but Mongrel's work on splits is really something special. Drug-addled, weird, rhythmic stuff, which was much quieter than the other half of this split, so I cranked the volume for y'all. Aiqëhahirit lays down some raw depressive black metal in the classic Burzum fashion - slow, droning, and melodic, with some especially desperate, distant vocals. Nice split, looks like I need to dig into this Aiqëhahirit band more.