Sunday, December 11, 2016

Orodruin/Boecx - "Orodruin/Boecx" split (2015) [Tour de Garde/Shunned House]

Great split - love that Orodruin is back (have you heard his split with Vinterriket?) and I'm such a sucker for the mix of dungeon synth and raw black metal. Boecx is another now-defunct project of K, the mind behind The Throat, and this split features the only studio/non-live recordings of this project. Winter is coming. Get cold.


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lluvia - "Rituale Arcana" (2015) [Leviatan Ouroboro]

Lluvia hasn't exactly been a favorite of mine. Something about "Lord Vast"'s damnation of Cascadian Black Metal - which I feel is a really silly tag - while performing a similar sort of washy, melodically obscure, long-form black metal seems hypocritical and attention-seeking. What's with bands publishing damnations of everything nowadays? Anyway, I figure most of you would want this. Lluvia is by no means bad, and I can see why they would be popular given the current atmospheric black metal climate. You decide.


guest rip by [redacted]

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mania/Albino - "Albino / Mania" split (2008) [Woodsmoke]


Guest file contribution from _ig88_. Mania's split with Romanian harsh noise artist Albino has been a bit of a white whale of mine, as it has been for all these "earlier" Woodsmoke tapes. Albino isn't nearly as harsh nor noisey as his work had been previously touted - this is more in line with calm, but still pretty heavily fuzzy guitar drone with the occasional kosmiche synth here and there. Mania's side is neat, mostly because it's more on the abstract end of things: disembodied drums, tape loops, and other odd things eventually lead up to a pretty massive black/doom ending. This might not be my favorite Mania material (that goes to either "Current Chaos" or "Death of Birth), but it's still cool to finally hear this after eight years of searching.


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Spectral Voice - "Tour Promo MMXVI" (2016) [Self-Released]

How has this not hit the internet yet? Crushing death/doom, mixing the strange, transitive nature of diSEMBOWELMENT and Rottrevore's primitive bludgeon. Two new songs (recorded live - will apparently appear in a more complete sense on the impending full-length) and a really, really long dark ambient/drone finisher. Lots and lots of people missed out on this promo, and I'm not sure if they ever got that fabled second pressing done. Much like last year's tour-only promo (how about that Metallica cover?), this one isn't on Bandcamp, so drink up.



Crowned Seraph - "Dracosathanas Pt. I" (2014) [Cruentus]

Holy fucking weirdness. I've heard some bands who tout themselves as "outsider," but Crowned Seraph legitimately sounds like it was made by a troupe of the deranged. Good luck trying to figure this out - I still am. This makes Mons Veneris sound tame. What the fuck.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Etonedicius - "Baiulus" (2014) [Self-Released/Starved Relations]

Super blown-out, harsh, miserable black metal. Metal-Archives says "depressive black metal," but this is more in line with Nyktalgia and, oddly enough, Sargeist (who are pretty convincingly covered on this demo) than any of your usual wrist-slashers. The sound quality here isn't the best in the universe, but this is a home dubbed tape I bought at a punk show. Fun fact: Cloud Rat's tape distro is great and it is worth attending one of their shows just to peruse their wares. Back to the music: listen to this loud, as it appears this was recorded at maximum volume in a tiny room.

Get sad.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Circle of Ouroborus - "Kuninkaan tieltä" (2014) [Self-Released]

I spent a ton of money on this tape, and it isn't even dedicated to me. Doesn't that suck? This is the mysterious, hyper-limited tape release which happened somewhere between the instantly-sold-out Kuhuun Kahlittu and crowd favorite Alttarimyllyt. Circle of Ouroborus is definitely leaning more on the pop side here, something which is more widely explored in this year's Kotiinpaluu (someone sell me a copy of this record, please), but with a much larger, more demanding bass presence. Definitely the "heaviest" Circle of Ouroborus has been, but still catchy and oddly playful. I don't know how Rauta/Atvar keeps doing it, but he does.